Friday, August 17, 2007

What Does a Session Entail?

Most inquires are optimistic about trying something new in regards to exercise and weight loss programs. Many people tell me that, "they have tried everything!" or " I already have a trainer." They sometimes tell me that they are "fairly-happy with their bodies and their current programs/trainers." Some even say they have been with the same program/trainer for a year or more and haven't lost any weight. (Makes me scratch my head!) Many think it is themselves that is the root of the problem. In some cases it may be. My experience has taught me that it is more common that most people lack the appropriate supervision and guidance with individualized and personalized plans. I never use a "cookie-cutter program" with any of my clients. Regardless of their wants and needs. My clients must agree to an organized well thought out plan. I provide each client with a map and they need to follow their map in order to achieve their goals. I hold everyone responsible for the choices they make and have clients that have found it necessary and productive for me to stay in daily contact with them via email to help them keep focused. I take great pride in helping each person attain their goals, my reputation is built upon their success rate.

Let me give you a more clear example:

Ms. Black calls me on the phone and says; "Hi, I got your name from a friend who said that you are a trainer."
Sam: "Was this person a client of mine?" " What is your health history?" "Could you please elaborate on any pre-existing surgeries, injuries, medications, physical limitations and please provide me with your current height and weight?"
Ms. Black: "I just recently had a meniscus tear and repair in my right knee and I am 5'3 and weigh 170 pounds." "Other than that, I am healthy!" "My knee is better now that it is fixed."
Sam: "Ms. Black, please understand that although your knee has been repaired and you claim to feel good and are pain free, I would like you to have either your surgeon or your PCP provide me with a prescription that releases you to exercise. It must clearly state that there are either NO LIMITATIONS or list any LIMITATIONS." "You can bring this to our first meeting where I will complete a fitness assessment." "The assessment will allow me to gather additional information about your current physical state." "I will be looking at your body fat, your BMI (that is your healthy height/weight ratio), your flexibility, blood pressure and pulse and your aerobic fitness level and your stamina.
Ms. Black: "How soon after the assessment is complete will we be working out together?"
Sam: "We should be able to schedule appointments immediately after your assessment if everything we find is within a normal range." "Some people have noticed muscular weakness in their quadriceps (upper front thigh muscle) if they have had knee issues. We will look toward strengthening yours if that is the case." "I will also provide you with any necessary stretches and strengthening exercises that you can do on your own as well." "I look forward to meeting you in person."

*After obtaining adequate information about the client, I will schedule future meetings combining exercises for lean muscle mass development, fat burning and cardiovascular improvements along with any necessary nutrition counseling. Programs for individual usage can be created to supplement our workouts for an additional fee. *

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